I recently made a car reservation with Economy in Cancun trough the Expedia online service. When I got to the airport noone from the car company was there, after an hour they showed up just to tell me that they had no cars available so I ended up renting from a different company at a much higher price. I contacted Expedia to write a review and they said I could not do it with them that instead I should write the company that lie in the first place. I am not happy about Expedias response,... (read more)

Yes you can find great deals, but good luck actually booking any. EVERY TIME I went to book a trip it would say "oops while you were shopping the price changed from $4000 to $14000"...I feel like that is an extreme OOPS. All in all if a company wants to use advertising gimmicks and support false advertising, they are not someone I want to support. Bad business run by bad people. (read more)

Booked a hotel room through expedia.com. Arrive at the hotel and find out the reservation was never put through. The confirmation number they listed was for a different person altogether with a reservation 3 weeks after our stay and a different name as well. Hotel was able to accomodate us although it was a different room then what we thought we were getting. Spoke to customer service at expedia.com and they denied any responsibility for the failure to put through our reservation and for... (read more)

They changed the time of my flight departure several time and confused my booking. When i send an email to clarify, they didnt reply for a month. I tried to call the company from oversea, they put me on hold for 20 mins and cost me almost 10 dollars. (read more)

Used to book hotel for weekend in Nashville. Booked room many weeks ahead of travel and paid $370 per night for what was supposed to be very nice hotel in downtown area. As I am driving there at 3 hours away, I receive a text that there is a problem. The hotel is overbooked! I call Expedia and they say that the hotel I was to stay at was moving me to a comparable hotel. I looked at the ratings for this second hotel and refused. It had terrible reviews. They said I could refuse but when I... (read more)

I booked a hotel through the guaranteed 4 star, special rate deal. They put me up in a 3 star hotel above a club. I was VERY disappointed and tried to argue my point because their advertising was dishonest and misleading. I was in Montreal on business. Their customer service was awful, the supervisor refused to help with the situation. They choose whatever they like to rate the stars of a hotel. Do NOT book a hotel through Expedia, you will be very disappointed. I will never use expedia... (read more)

Hear, hear. Just tried to book through expedia.com.au and website would not complete last stage of confirmation. Left site (assuming no booking) and booked through booking.com - no problems. Then discovered expedia email confirming my booking! Promptly cancelled. Booking was for hotel in UK and paying higher price for pay later, free cancellation. Next day discovered expedia in Sydney had charged my credit card with the full amount! Spent an hour on phone and they tried to tell me it was a prepaid deal!! Not so. Same deal, same price still there with no money. Now waiting to get reversal to my card. Never again.

I have seen this company screw over and rip off more people then any other booking service. I am a hotel manager and 8 out of 10 reservations they send to my hotel are booked wrong. Never the rooms promised to the guests. When a guest would call them to complain about issues due to expedia, all expedia would want to do is cancel the reservation. They would never offer any way to fix the issue. Sometimes when they make mistakes, they try to get the hotel to fix it at the hotels cost. They are... (read more)

My husband and I were traveling to Orlando FL from NV. As always we booked our room on expedia (which until now has never done us wrong). The hotel room was old, dirty, smelled of mold and had things broken throughout the room. There was no way we could stay here so we decided to switch hotels. We called Expedia and they said they couldnt refund our money because this particular hotel had a no refund policy. Well of COURSE they did! NO ONE in their right mind would stay there. After... (read more)

Have had a few trips with Expedia over the years which have gone to plan, but a on recent trip to Berlin we missed the outgoing flight as we were not informed of schedule changes. We were told at the airport that the same thing had happened to Expedia customers the day before.